Uczy angielski przez robienie krótkich filmów. The Trolleywood Course in English is available in Poland. For posts related to English and Media education go here. For Trolleyhood Fiction go here.

Walizka 2 - behind the scenes

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Trolleywood workshops will look at interesting subjects such as Youtube Partnerships to help youths understand the possibilities of new media content creation.

"Education today does not only have to provide basic skills such as numeracy and literacy, but also competences that are at the intersection of different sectors, such as ICT or entrepreneurship."

5 short high school films

Walizka's Facebook Fan Page


Check out the FB fan page for “Walizka” Trolleywood’s first fiction film. 

Source: trollfiction


Trolleywood to nauka języka angielskiego poprzez robienie (kręcenie) filmów.

Kurs dla 10-21 osób trwający trzy dni. Podczas kursu zostaną opracowane krótkie scenariusze, na podstawie których zostaną nakręcone filmy. Zajęcia trwają trzy godziny dziennie i tak powstają krótkie filmy (dokumentalne lub fabularne) po angielsku. Filmiki będą trwały od 1 do 3 minut.

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CENA: 50zł od osoby. 

Trolleywood is English learning by filmmaking. This introductory course for 10-21 students will be taught in three days (over the weekend) during which time up to 3 scripts will be developed and produced into films.

Classes last for 3 hours each day. On the first day we look at creative writing in English and write the scripts. We then cast and pre-produce our film.

On the second day, we record the film. The final day is spent editing our films.

The short English language films that result from the project will be between 1 and 3 minutes in length.

A word on ‘media literacy’; in today’s world a ‘digital aptitude’ is just as important as the written and spoken forms of literacy. As the digital age develops, digital products such as cameras and computers become more affordable. This project aims to give youths a basic education in digital media, to ensure that they are literate in these forms of communication.


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"Ale Topola" film